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How to Buy Flea Medicine.

Many products in the past have been formulated to control fleas in pets. Fleas controlling products of various types are available in the market There are so many brands that pet owners get confused. In the mid 1990’s, program (Lufenuron) flea medicine was introduced. The need to control fleas led to the introduction of the medication which came in form of a pill. Although program medication had some successes, its method of action had a lot of limitation. The medication worked by preventing larvae from hatching. However, the adult fleas were not killed by this product. Only when the flea died a natural death did the pet become flee of the parasite. Sentinel was later introduced and contains a combination of both heartworm prevention and Lufenuron. Both program and sentinel medication, however, have not been able to efficiently control adult fleas.

Effective medications have been introduced recently in the market. Advantage, Revolution and Frontline are some of the newly introduced products . Deciding the best medication for the pet depends on what results the pet owner is expecting. Revolutioon, one of the topical medications works by diffusing in to the pets boy. The formulation works both for cats and dogs. Some of the parasites the chemical is effective in controlling include fleas, ticks, and heart worm diseases. The veterinarian should be the one to direct on the other conditions to be controlled by the medication. Revolution is also very effective controlling all forms of parasites. Guidance in applying the medication should be sought from an animal health practitional The need for veterinary guidance is the reason why it cannot be bought online. Tests such as heartworm test need to be conducted by a veterinary so as to determine the revolution dosage required by the pet. After the test then a form is filled requesting for a revolution dosage.

Another form of topical medication is Frontline. The medications works well in both cats and dogs. A pets weight is taken into account when medicating them with the chemical. Ticks and fleas are killed by the Frontline plus formulation by coming into contact with it. Neither the eggs nor the larvae are spared by the formulation. Water does not affect the effectiveness of the medicine. Some types of shampoos which come into contact with the pet make the medication inefficient by neutralizing it. Some things should be taken care of in order to avoid the formulation becoming inefficient after application. The number one step is consulting with the veterinarian about the right kind of shampoo that will not have an effect on the medication. Applying the medication 24 hours after the pet has been bathed should be done. The skin oil of the pet requires 24 hours to build up properly. The oil is necessary for frontline to effectively spread on the pet’s entire hair coat.Doing Animals The Right Way

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