Beauty pageants in the world are now increasingly showing diversity. Even though they have not presented women with various body shapes, women with hijab can now compete for the title of beauty queen. One of the beauty contests that presents women who wear hijab is Miss World.

In 2021, Miss World will be held at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on December 16. One of the contestants who caught the eye was Khadija Omar from Somalia. Hijab Khadija Omar is the first hijab-wearing woman to represent Somalia at the Miss World pageant. It is known, she will also be the first Miss World contestant to wear a hijab.

1. Be the first Miss World participant to wear hijab 

Quoted from the official website of Miss Somalia, this 20-year-old woman is a psychology graduate. She also became the first hijab-wearing contestant to represent Somalia at the Miss World 2021 beauty pageant. Unisma In her Instagram Story upload on her personal account, Khadija said she was ready to represent Somalia and thanked her for the support.

“Thank you for all the messages and love, I’m very busy right now but will reply later,” wrote Khadija in the video story caption while she was doing a photo shoot.
2. Dare to express concern and care about the hijab issue 
Judging from her personal Instagram page, @khadija.omarr, she is a woman who dares to express her views on social issues, especially regarding the use of the hijab. Last April, Khadija wrote that she was surprised that in today’s modern era there are still a group of people who can’t stand women wearing the hijab.
“I can’t believe it, it’s 2021 and some people still can’t stand Muslim women wearing the hijab. France’s ban on the hijab is proof that Islamophobia still exists in the world,” wrote Khadija in her photo caption.
According to the Miss Somalia website, since childhood, Khadija has always felt that she doesn’t have many hijab women who can be used as role models, especially in the modeling world. But over time, he felt admiration for Halima Aden who is also a model from Somalia. Hijab According to Khadija, Halima’s work on the world fashion stage is very inspiring because she can represent black Muslim women.
3. Have a social mission 
Not only that, Khadija also has a social mission. In her beauty with purpose program, Khadijah will work with UNHCR and the Somalia Youth Action program in creating livelihood programs and climate education especially for women and children. It also seeks to relocate vulnerable people from flood-prone settlements to safe places, where refugees will be provided with temporary shelter and emergency relief equipment. They will also be given fundraising money to start a sustainable life once they are relocated.