Considering the engine capacity, the model of the two-wheeler, cubic capacity etc. standard bike insurance premium is levied. Most of the two-wheeler insurance companies in India provide third-party cover that compensates the insured from the third-party liabilities on accidental death or damages caused. This is the default insurance cover which is compulsory and all motor insurance companies provide on the purchase of a new two-wheeler. But only these kinds of insurance policies are not enough. Indian bikers need additional coverage owing to the rash driving, the conditions of the road, weather predictions etc. Let us have a look at 5 must buy add-ons for the bike you didn’t know? In addition, did you know bike insurance policy allows you to have add-on covers known as Riders? Check out the following link to know more about the Add On covers for bike

Did you know you could Avail Zero Depreciation Cover?

Yes, it provides you to claim the entire cost of replacing the two-wheeler parts damaged in the mishap without you paying anything from your pocket. It basically offers you protection against depreciation and provides coverage for damages to rubber, plastic, fiberglass, nylon parts etc. The validity of the zero depreciation cover is up to two claims only and for two-wheelers aged up to 2 years only. In a nutshell, you neither pay any amount for the damages caused to your two-wheeler nor the depreciation amount is considered while making a claim if you have this zero depreciation added to your bike insurance.

How about Engine Cover add-on you perhaps did not know?

Engine plays the vital role in a bike and is the most expensive part too. This is a kind of add-on to protect your bike’s engine and your pockets from shedding thousands on its repair. Monsoons in India are unpredictable and water –logging is a must. In such a situation, your two-wheeler’s engine ought to get damaged. Insurance companies provide coverage for the hydrostatic lock, leakage of oil, water stalling etc. your bike gets repaired with any penny going out from your pocket.

Ever thought of Roadside Assistance Add-on Cover?

There must have been instances that you have gone short of fuel, or stranded on a remote road seeking for some help. This add-on provides many services 24 X7 like refueling, towing, arranging for mechanic’s services, minor services etc. The insurer provides for battery breakdown and where the battery needs a jump start too. Be it minor repairs, the insurers provide mechanics to take care of minor breakdowns. Even when in the midway of the journey, you run out of fuel, the insurer sends fuel supply in case the petrol station is far away.

What about Return to Invoice Add-on for Bike Insurance you did not know?

This is a cover, where paying an additional amount, you are entitled to get complete compensation of the actual value of the bike as purchased from the manufacturer in the event of an accident and total loss of the two-wheeler. This add-on covers the gap between the insured declared value and the invoice value of the two-wheeler. It is much like an add-on for the car. On the occurrence of loss of your two-wheeler, you are entitled to the entire amount of loss. (The on-road price you paid for bike).

Pillion Rider Add-on Cover a Must

Pillion insurance is rarely included as standard on policies. Provisional license holders cannot carry pillion passengers under any circumstances. This kind of cover protects the pillion rider of financial help in case of an accidental death or disability.  Pillion passengers have the same right to claim as the policyholder in the event of a mishap and can claim up to the policy limits.

Finally, getting an add-on for your bike could get costly, but nothing is more important than your life.

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