Adventure travel has now become a trend, with countries that offer adventure packed excursions topping the list for must-visit countries. These destinations offer everything from historical sites, zip-lining, bungee jumping, rafting and simply breathtaking natural beauty among other treats. Below is the list of the 7 must see adventure travel destinations for any tourist craving an excitement packed holiday.

#7 – Madagascar

Madagascar is located off the coast of Africa, and being an island, is a visual treat in itself. Apart from the islands physical beauty, its eco-system is impressive. This includes elephant birds, lemurs, and poisonous frogs, hissing cockroach, fossa and chameleons among others. There is also wildlife that is unique to the island, which is a special treat in itself. The island also has a combination of features that you would be hard-pressed to find in other tourist destinations, which include mountains, coral reefs, beaches and rain forests. There is an array of adventure activities here including camping, mountain biking, spelunking, trekking and hand gliding among others. Water sports are also a plenty in Madagascar where tourists can enjoy snorkeling, sailing, white water rafting, diving with sharks, surfing, kayaking and of course spectacular opportunities for whale watching.

#6 – British Columbia, Canada

The province of British Columbia, Canada is one of the few destinations that offer tourists adventure all year round. In the summer, some of the activities here include hiking, backpacking, and mountain biking, white water rafting, mountaineering, climbing, horseback riding and fishing among others. Winter is the best time for winter sports which there is no shortage of in British Columbia, with some topping the list including snowshoeing, heli-skiing, snowmobiling and skiing among others. There plenty of lakes and mountain ranges all over the province ripe for adventure and exploration. In addition to this, the lakes of Shuswap and along the coast offer opportunities for diving, whale watching, fly fishing, kayaking, canoeing and surfing.

#5 – Croatia

Croatia is fast becoming one of the major tourist destinations in Europe and for good reason. For one, the country has a diverse terrain, including highlands, low mountains and flat plains. Not only that, but cheap flights to Croatia are easy to come by. There are plenty of activities both inland and on the water. Some of the treats you can expect to find inland include camping, adventure racing, climbing, mountain biking, skiing, hunting and white water rafting. As you can expect from a country with an impressive coastline, there are water sports including canoeing, kayaking, water sailing and diving among others. There are also plenty of monuments to explore starting from the ancient Greco-Roman times, as well as 8 national parks and 10 nature parks for the animal and nature lovers.

#4 – Nepal

Nepal has a huge range of sites and activities to offer the quintessential adventure traveler, which makes it a premier tourist destination. Eight of the world’s tallest peaks are located here, with the most famous undoubtedly being Mount Everest. Things to do in Nepal include taking a cultural trek. Some of the popular ones include the Chepang Heritage Trail, Indigenous Peoples Trail, Numbur Cheese Circuit and the Tamang Heritage Trail. Some of the popular activities include climbing, mountain biking, mountaineering and trekking. Others include mountain flights, hot air ballooning, rafting and motorcycling among others. To the south of Nepal in the Terai region, where there is the chance to take a 4×4 safari or visit the bountiful game reserves and national parks. For the nature lovers, there will be a chance to spot crocodiles, rhinos, Bengal tigers and a wide array of butterflies and birds.

#3 – New Zealand

New Zealand is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and has plenty to offer a traveler of any tastes and preferences. For its small size, the country has a lot to offer geographically, including stunning coastlines, volcanoes, mountains and rivers. It is often said that some of the best diving spots in the world are located in New Zealand, so this is always a good place to start. Some of these places include Stewart Island, Bay of Islands, The Poor Knights and Fiordland. There are both summer and winter activities here so it is one of those destinations that offer adventure all year round. The winter is perfect for heli-skiing, skiing, ice climbing and snowmobiling. Summertime offers white water rafting, climbing and trekking among other great activities. The Waitomo Caves feature underground rivers, a unique experience that you may only be able to get in very few places around the world.

#2 – Norway

Norway is famous for a good number of things, including Vikings, fjords, coastline and mountains. This beautiful country near the Arctic Circle is a pure treat for adventure travellers. Norway is rife with winter sports including snowshoeing, ice climbing, snow kiting, dog sledding, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and ice fishing among others. Summer in the mountains offers a great opportunity for hiking, cycling, climbing, rafting, fishing and ice skating. The natural makeup of the country also makes it particularly great for water-sports including kayaking, canoeing, sailing and diving. If nothing else, Norway is a beautiful country definitely worth visiting just for the scenes and sights.

#1 – South Africa

South Africa has grown to become a major tourist destination, offering majestic mountains and spectacular coastlines just to mention a few. If there ever was a haven for adventure travellers, the country is one of the closest things you could get. Starting with the highest commercial bungee, as well as the highest abseil, this is definitely a great opportunity for a serious adrenaline fix. There is the chance for sand boarding, rock climbing, horseback riding, mountain biking, hang gliding and hiking among other things. There are also many water sports to enjoy in the country including fishing, shark diving, white water rafting, and scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing and sailing among others. South Africa is also known for its bountiful wildlife. These can be found at private reserves and national parks, which are perfect for spotting lions, elephants, African penguins, zebras, leopards, cheetahs and hippos among others. One of the best things to do in South Africa however; is to take a boat tour to see great white sharks and right whales.

Before you leave for an adventure to remember, don’t forget to take out adventure travel insurance. Most of the activities here are potentially dangerous, and having a cover in the event of injury or emergency evacuation is always a good idea. In addition to this, you will be covered for additional inconveniences that are part and parcel of travel including lost baggage and cancelled flights and tours among others. All these are spectacular destinations for adventure travellers. Rather than take the same old mundane holiday in the sun that everyone else does, try something different and exciting, and you will not be disappointed. So what are you waiting for, pack your bags and go on an adventure of a lifetime.

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