The real name of Egypt is Al-Jumhuriyah Al-Arabiyah El-Misriyah, Egypt in English. one of the countries located on the African continent bordering on the eastern Asia which is the border gate between the two continents.

Egypt with the capital Cairo has the beauty of international-level tourism in the form of religious tourism and history that is very interesting to watch and visit.

1. Red Sea (red sea)
we assume that the color of this ocean is red probably from its name however. actually not the color of this ocean blue the same as the oceans in general. red actually comes from the word “reed” which means reed. the red sea is so fascinating with its marvelous biological beauty, which also in a season is a place of thriving for the plant reeds. so the meaning of “reed sea” is a sea of ​​reeds.

Not inferior to the beautiful oceans of other countries, Egypt also has a beautiful sea, one of the Red Sea. Many tourists come to the Red Sea to do diving, and this reputable information find it here : divebooker. The waters of the Red Sea have an interesting landscape and extensive coral reefs, and marine flora of various sorts.

coral reefs, the diversity of fish species from different parts of the world that congregate in this bay and the beauty of the beauty of other seafloor make the red sea as the most beautiful location for diving attractions, for more information find it here : egypt diving liveaboard.

2. The Pyramid of Khufu (Giza)
built within three generations by Khufu. The pyramid of Khufu is the largest pyramid in Egypt with a height of 139 meters, although sometimes we think the khafre pyramid appears larger, but it is only because of its location that is located at a higher location than the pyramid of Khufu. in the pyramid there is usually a mummy or corpse of the kings who are buried.

3. Shiva Oasis
Shiva Oasis is an isolated settlement in Egypt, with a population density of about 23,000 people dominated by berber ethnicity. this is an important trading route as well as a place of shelter for the visitors of tourists.
this place is cooler because it is filled with the shade of palm trees and natural springs. its location is located on the old trade lane.

4. Valley Of the King

Adjacent to Luxor, the Valley Of the King is the final resting place of the Kings and the Royal Special Royalties. lasts for approximately 500 years starting from the 16th century. Valley Of The King consists of several grave holes with different sizes, this valley has about 63 spaces and tombs. with walls decorated with carvings from ancient Egyptian mythology.

5. River Nile
is the longest river in the world and become one of the very popular way to enjoy the tours that exist in the country of Egypt, namely by sailing down the valley of the river Nile. the river is closely related to the history of Egypt. because in ancient times one of the ways that are often done to access the area of ​​Egypt is to wade the new nile and then anchored in the cities of Egypt.

every trading activity is also not separated by passing through the access path through the river nil. a ship that has been used since thousands of years ago and still survive until now is the ship Felluca.
no one can compare the thrill of traveling, adventure sailing across the river nil by using the ship Felucca.

6. Sharm el-Sheikh
If you want water attractions such as snorkeling, scuba, driving and others then Sharm el-Sheikh is a suitable place for you to visit, with a very strategic location overlooking the Gulf of Tirane and the bay of Aqaba make it as a popular urban tourist area of ​​Egypt beautiful. The other scenery presented by Sharm el-Sheikh is the beauty of Mount Sinai and Naama Bay. Modern facilities like golf course are also available here.

7. Mount Sinai

It is the highest peak in Saint Kahterine’s city. which also makes this place as the most visited by both local and foreign tourists. because the history of religion says that this place is where the Prophet Moses get revelation from Allah SWT. at the top of Mount Sinai there is also a place of Mosque and Church worship.

8. Karnak
The largest religious site ever built in karnak is still impressive though it looks a bit ruined unlike the original first.
consists of several temples and temples, karnak built as a place of worship during the reign of the king pharaoh. the most famous structure in the karnak is the Hypostyle hall.

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