Sabre Corporation and Air Canada have signed a new multi-year distribution agreement that will provide Sabre-connected agencies with long-term access to Air Canada’s full content via NDC channels.

Under the agreement, Sabre says it will be able to provide agencies with significantly improved content and offers from Air Canada, including the airline’s dynamically priced fares and new ancillary services.


The partners are currently working on the launch of the airline’s NDC offers in the Sabre travel marketplace, which are expected to go live “within the coming months.”

Once Air Canada’s NDC connection to Sabre is live, the $20-$30 Distribution Cost Recovery fee previously announced by Air Canada will be waived for Sabre-connected travel agencies using this booking path.

Beginning today, the DCR will apply to all tickets issued globally via GDS EDIFACT channels. It does not apply to bookings made via any of Air Canada’s NDC connection options including NDC-sourced content in a GDS solution, as well as through Air Canada’s other direct booking channels such as,, Air Canada for Business, the Air Canada mobile app, or group bookings.

“We’re proud to be taking this next step with Sabre in providing the broadest range of rich Air Canada content, travel options and services to our customers and agency partners,” said Mark Nasr, AC’s EVP, Marketing and Digital.

“Air Canada recognizes and appreciates Sabre’s progressive approach and the significant technology investments they’re making, which taken together, will deliver meaningful value to all travel industry stakeholders.”

Nasr adds that the partnership marks a significant next step towards delivering on Air Canada’s distribution promise that it will offer large and small agencies and travel buyers a smooth transition to modernized distribution.

A cornerstone of Air Canada’s distribution modernization strategy, NDC focuses on providing more personalized content as well as access to the best possible prices across channels.

The airline says revenues from Improved distribution and retailing capabilities will support its commercial strategy and expansion plan, including investment in dozens of new, fuel-efficient Airbus A220 and A321XLR aircraft.

In a statement, Sabre said NDC is a corporate priority as an enabler of modern retailing.

“We share this vision with Air Canada and support its ambitious retailing and distribution goals, while ensuring agencies will benefit from the ample choice, efficiency and transparency of the Sabre Travel Marketplace,” said Roshan Mendis, Chief Commercial Officer for Sabre Travel Solutions.

“This agreement demonstrates Sabre’s deep commitment to driving value and serving the diverse interests of the global travel marketplace — airlines, travel agencies and the travellers they serve.”


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