Of course you are curious, what are the actual nutritional content in aloe vera plants. Therefore, in the following discussion will be presented about the nutritional content and for detail of aloe vera for health or beauty : kasiat dari lidah buaya. Hope can be useful.

Content of Vitamins and Nutrition on Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is also known as Aloe vera. Aloe vera is very rich in nutrients and vitamins that many benefits. To find the content of vitamins and nutrients in aloe vera, conducted a study on 100 grams of aloe vera. The results of vitamins and nutrients found in 100 grams of aloe vera are as follows.

Vitamin B1 content of 0.01 milligrams
Iron content of 0.8 milligrams
Phosphorus content of 186 milligrams
Calcium content of 85 milligrams
Carbohydrate content of 0.4 grams
The fat content of 0.2 grams
Protein content of 0.1 grams
Energy content 4 kilo calories

The content of these vitamins and nutrients is the reason why aloe vera is rich in benefits. Each description of vitamins and nutrients include the following.
High Vitamin content in Aloe Vera

Vitamin on aloe vera exists in several types and kinds. However, vitamin B1 is a vitamin with the most dominant amount. Here’s a deeper explanation of vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 is a vitamin also known as thiamine. Vitamin B1 is contained in aloe vera in a number that is quite dominant. Because there are vitamin B1 content in aloe vera, then by using aloe vera skin, facial, and hair needs and health of vitamins can be fulfilled properly.
High Mineral Content of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera contains several types of minerals that can help the systems in the human body. The definite and abundant minerals in aloe vera are calcium, iron, and phosphorus. All three have many important roles in the human body. So the ability of aloe vera to provide minerals is needed by humans. That’s why aloe vera has so many benefits.
High Carbohydrate Content in Aloe Vera

It turns out that aloe vera is a plant rich in carbohydrates. The amount of carbohydrates can help the body with very beneficial in terms of health or beauty. More detailed benefits will be delivered in the next section.
Content of Fat and Energy on Aloe Vera

Fat and energy are also present in every amount of aloe vera. But the amount of fat is also not too much. The levels are still within normal limits and healthy for the human body. As for energy, the amount is very good to meet human energy needs.
High Protein Content in Aloe Vera

Protein is known as the nutrients most needed by the body to support the metabolic processes in the human body. Unfortunately, most types of human consumption today are very low in protein and higher in fat. Aloe vera is one of the plants with high protein content. Protein is also one of the content of aloe vera which is the reason aloe vera benefits very much.

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