To put things into better context, the guy in this article has done many great things for society and himself. He’s set the tone on so many levels of how to properly teach the message of God and by spreading this message to as many people as possible. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a man on a mission, and he uses his most influential religious structure to do so. With a fellowship that reaches nearly 44,000 people, The Christ Embassy is one of the largest church institutes in Africa today. Chris Oyakhilome just so happens to be the pastor there, and he has used every bit of his anointed ministry knowledge to change the world for the better. The guy is known by many as a television host, a teacher, a healing minister and a best selling author. His “Rhapsody of Realities” publication is a best seller around the world, and it is being distributed in over 240 countries. The numbers are literally staggering, but this only scratches the surface. This is basically a Bible-study guide, and it now comes in numerous language such as German, Arabic, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Mandarin, Russian, Hindi, French, Swahili and many more.


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is also a pioneer in the field. Africa is not what it appears to be, and it’s full of innovation. Africa’s Christian Network is a multitude of media networks, and these networks are used to the fullest to teach God’s important messages. LoveWorld TV, LoveWorld Plus and LoveWorld SAT has brought new meaning to Africa, Asia and the United Kingdom. Thanks to this brilliant network, millions of more people can enjoy the life changing teachings from Jesus Christ himself. The Christ Embassy is actually located in Lagos, Nigeria, but it reaches far beyond it’s very own borders. Some of it’s events are like huge celebrations, which are full of spiritual healing, teachings, music and prayer. Up to 3.5 million followers are present in some form when these events occur thanks to the media. This institution does other great things like giving to the poor, helping disadvantaged children and by creating healing missions. It’s Healing School has been known to give people more purpose in life. Miraculous physical and mental healings have been witnessed here on multiple occasions thanks to the valiant efforts of Chris Oyakhilome.


Earlier this year, the Christ Embassy teamed up with Pastor Benny Hinn in attemps to bring a new television network to the United States. Of course, everything went off without a hitch as LoveWorld USA was made into a reality. It exposes Christ’s teaching to an even broader audience. The television channel offers high quality content such as teachings, prayers, Christian music, inspirational advice and motivational speaking. Every base seems to be covered here and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is overseeing it all.

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