Always wished to touch the Canadian shores? Well try Toronto. One of the largest cities in Canada, Toronto bustles with business, finance, arts, and culture, and is a cosmopolitan and multi-cultural hub. Toronto has a diverse population with over 50{aa87f5dd92d358c2acb48efd9ed90cc0f8202628872abb614528bad7df728186} of the population belonging to minority groups. As a result, there are over 160 different languages spoken here. One of the largest minority communities that flourish within this place is that of South Asians. With many traveling from India, you can travel to Toronto quite easily and book cheap flights from Delhi to Toronto. Here are the places which should be on your list while in Toronto.

Niagara Falls: You may think that Niagara Falls is overrated but watching over 750,000 gallons of water spilling over majestic curved rocks can give an amazing thrill to anyone. There are several small rides that allow you to view the falls from close quarters or from behind the falls. Further, to add to the thrill of it all, there are helicopter rides which can provide a unique view of the vast expanse of water.

Lumberjack effect: With a long-rugged history of snow-covered vast plains, igloos, and lumberjacks, it is possible to experience this by signing up for an axe-throwing contest. The archery district offers several such thrills for those seeking to discover the history of the place. You can do this at the Bad Axe, Toronto, and learn to do it the right way from several coaches available at the center. This could cost you anywhere between $20-$30 per session. While you can walk-in and sign up for an axe-throwing session with your family, if you are traveling in a group, make sure you book in advance.

Zoo experience: Being the largest zoo in all of Canada, The Toronto Zoo is one of its kind and if you are traveling with children, it is a perfect place to start your vacation. You can book your tickets online, and while you are at it, through their website which can help you plan your day at the zoo. Along with the giant pandas on display (on loan from Beijing until 2018), there are over 400 species of animals that you can see and interact with.

Spooky trails: The Haunted Walk offers you all the scary tales from the past. If you love the thrill of a good scare, then this will be right up your alley. The tour starts at the courtyard in front of the Hockey Hall of Fame, gives your bones the chill with stories about graveyards, hauntings and hangings. The stories are combined with a ride through the memorable places culminating to scary encounters at Mackenzie House. The fee should cost you about $20.

With several people from the South Asian region traveling to and from Toronto, several airlines are competing with each other to offer their services. As a result, it is easier than ever to book cheap flights from Delhi to Toronto. Another wonderful way is having a tentative date and continue to look for the best rates and take advantage of offers and deals being put out by airlines or travel websites.

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