In the battle for electric vehicle dominance, Toyota Motor North America is making up for lost ground.

The automaker said in a news release Wednesday it will build an all-electric SUV on U.S. soil starting in 2025 and it is investing an additional $2.1 billion to make the lithium ion batteries for it in the States, too.

The automaker’s first U.S.-built three-row electric SUV will be assembled at Toyota Kentucky in Georgetown, Kentucky, about 5 miles north of Lexington, Toyota said. Toyota currently employs about 9,500 people at the 9-million-square-foot facility where it makes the Camry sedan, RAV 4 SUV, several engines and other parts. The new investment will retain jobs there, Toyota said.

Toyota North Carolina construction progress at the Greensboro-Randolph Megasite as of May 15, 2023. Toyota is constructing two Hybrid Electric Vehicle battery production buildings to support four HEV lines and preparing the pad for one Battery Electric Vehicle battery production building to support two EV lines.

The batteries for the EV will be made at a new battery plant that is currently under construction in Liberty, North Carolina, about 15 miles south of Greensboro. When it is done in 2025, the automaker said it expects it will employ 2,100 people. Toyota is investing the additional $2.1 billion in that battery plant to support the company’s drive toward carbon neutrality, it said. Toyota’s total investment in the facility, called Toyota North Carolina, is now $5.9 billion.


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